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Automatic control of vacuum furnace
Automatic control of vacuum furnace

In the field of metal heat treatment, vacuum furnace is a key large-scale special equipment. Vacuum furnace is a kind of pressure bearing energy consumption equipment. In the process of production and use, the safety, energy consumption and pollutant emission of vacuum furnace should be considered. How to improve energy efficiency, adjust energy structure, save energy, ensure national energy security, reduce air pollution and protect the environment has become an important problem that must be solved in the implementation of sustainable economic and social development. In the energy-saving control of industrial and civil boilers, the application of automatic control technology to the transformation and upgrading of vacuum furnace can achieve remarkable energy-saving effect.

Vacuum brazing is an advanced technology for joining parts in vacuum atmosphere without adding flux. It can braze materials and structures that are difficult to connect, so as to obtain a compact, excellent mechanical and corrosion-resistant brazing interface. Vacuum furnace is a kind of precision equipment for various vacuum heat treatment processes of precision mechanical parts such as small high speed steel, high alloy steel tooling, precision bearing, oil pump nozzle, etc. In different vacuum degrees, the temperature control time and accuracy of vacuum furnace largely determine the quality of heat treatment products, so the control of temperature control time and precision is very important.

The traditional manual control system seriously restricts the quality and efficiency of vacuum brazing, so it is imperative to introduce the automatic control system. Considering the actual needs of vacuum brazing equipment and process, PLC is used as the core of vacuum furnace control system. In order to further improve the applicability and economy of the vacuum furnace, the designed vacuum furnace system has a double chamber system with high and medium temperature, which can work independently and give full play to the efficiency of shared equipment.

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